Watch this video for a quick overview of key MaxiFi features.

See the pages below for more information about each topic. You can navigate easily using the table of contents on the right side of the screen.

  1. Getting Started
    A few preliminary notes about getting help as you use the program
  2. Setting Up Your Family
    Entering your family data and importing from Maximize My Social Security
  3. Running Your Plan
    What to expect when you run a base plan and how to begin interpreting your results
  4. Understanding Your Report
    Learn what to look for in your report and how to understand what it means
  5. Updating Your Data and Rerunning Your Base Plan
    Returning to your plan and making modifications
  6. Maximizing Your Plan
  7. Alternative Profiles and Comparison Reports
    Setting up an Alternative Profile with what-if scenarios
  8. Detail Data Entry
    1. Summary of Data Fields
    2. Special Expenses and Receipts
    3. Importing Earnings History from SSA.gov
    4. Medicare B
  9. Basic Concepts
    1. Consumption Smoothing
    2. Cash Constraint
    3. Discretionary Spending
    4. Living Standard
  10. Other Resources
  11. How To
    Some quick "how to" guidance . . .
    1. Explore Sequence of Return Risk
    2. Create a Pension Rollover
    3. Turn off life insurance
    4. Account for Non-Depreciable Property in Real Estate
    5. Adjust for Market Changes in your Plan
    6. End of the Year Adjustments
    7. Sequence of Return Risk
    8. How are Inflation and Return Rates Determined?
    9. How is Income Less than Spending?
    10. How to Enter a QLAC
    11. How to Set Up a Roth Conversion
    12. How to Understand Present Value
    13. The CARES Act Rules
  12. Progress Tracker
  13. Two Approaches and Purposes to Planning