August 12, 2017


Progress Tracker: When you're happy with your plan, set up your Progress Tracker for the year with a few clicks. This tool helps you visualize and stay on track with your income, spending, and saving targets for the year. You can review and update your progress at any time from any device, or export your targets and transactions to Excel.


  • Allow decimal in Monthly Mortgage Payment for greater accuracy.
  • Increase length of time for a user to react to a session refresh dialog before logging the user out.
  • Do not display Social Security Spousal and Widow(er) benefit columns in report for Partnered cases.
  • Implement "Cost of Selling homes" setting.
  • Make chart/table toggle more obvious in MaxiFi detail reports.
  • Change default spending reduction limit on Maximization report to 25%.


  • Life insurance needs could cause Base Plan to be better than Maximized Plan. This is now corrected.