For Advisors

MaxiFi Planner PRO software is the most powerful, accurate and comprehensive personal financial planning program on the market.

Use it to build valuable lifetime financial plans for your clients.

Compared to existing software, MaxiFi Planner is revolutionary. Powered by the patented Economic Security Computation Engine, the software incorporates the Economics Approach to personal financial planning.

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The program presents detailed plans including a Projected Lifetime Balance Sheet showing income and expenses through age 100. Each category is detailed annually showing fixed and discretionary spending, retirement account withdrawals, taxes, etc. This allows you to see exactly how your client’s money will last through retirement.

MaxiFi Planner PRO provides a Base Plan and a Maximized Plan so you can use various strategies to safely increase your client’s annual and lifetime fixed and discretionary spending.

It can find the best Social Security filing strategy to secure the highest benefits, present a tax-efficient retirement account withdrawal strategy and also show the value of annuitizing assets.

It also helps households at any stage answer life-changing financial decisions: Should I take that new job? Can I afford a house? Should we move to another state? Are we able to retire?

Special features for advisors:

  • Manage multiple clients
  • Customize client reports with your company logo and contact information

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Annual License $399

Yearly Renewal $329