Professional License and Client Limits

The license for MaxiFi Planner Professional permits that up to 100 clients may be stored at any one time. Clients' data profiles may be deleted to stay under this 100-client restriction. A PDF report of these profiles may be created and downloaded before removing them from our system.

Please contact us if you need to manage more than 100 clients at any one time.

Each financial professional must obtain his or her own individual subscription to the tool. Licenses may not be shared in any manner, either by multiple financial professionals or by support staff to generate reports for multiple financial professionals. This license cannot be shared or used or conveyed to any other financial planner or employee of a financial planner or associate of a financial planner or any household or any individual. Anyone who uses this product, including anyone who assists a financial planner in its use, must purchase their own financial planner license.

The full license agreement may be viewed here.