For Households

MaxiFi Planner software is the most powerful, accurate and comprehensive personal financial planning program on the market.

Powered by the patented Economic Security Computation Engine, it allows you to build a lifetime financial road map using all your financial data.

The software takes the guesswork out of financial planning and shows you lifetime and annual projections of your income and spending so you can see how you can make your money last and maintain a stable living standard through retirement.

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MaxiFi Planner provides a Base Plan and a Maximized Plan so you can see how to use various strategies to safely increase your fixed and discretionary spending. It can find the best Social Security filing strategy to secure the highest benefits, present a tax-efficient retirement account withdrawal strategy and also show you the value of annuitizing assets.

It also helps households at any stage answer life-changing financial decisions: Should I take that new job? Can I afford a house? Should we move to another state?

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MaxiFi Planner is an essential tool. It’s easy to use and we have excellent customer support.

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