MaxiFi Planner is the world's most powerful, accurate and comprehensive personal financial planning software.

For Households

MaxiFi Planner takes the guesswork out of financial planning, allowing you to build a lifetime financial road map using all your financial data.

It shows you lifetime and annual projections of your income and spending so you can see how you can make your money last and maintain a stable living standard through retirement. Learn more about how MaxiFi Planner works

MaxiFi Planner provides a Base Plan and a Maximized Plan so you can see how to use various strategies to safely increase your fixed and discretionary spending. It can find the best Social Security filing strategy to secure the highest benefits, present a tax-efficient retirement account withdrawal strategy and also show you the value of annuitizing assets.

It also helps households at any stage answer life-changing financial decisions: Should I take that new job? Can I afford a house? Should we move to another state?

Introducing MaxiFi Planner Premium

Assess living standard risk with powerful Living Standard Monte Carlo™ analysis

MaxiFi Planner Premium's Monte Carlo analysis feature shows the impact of different investment strategies and spending behaviors on your bottom line – your living standard.

  • Our Living Standard Monte Carlo™ analysis simulates hundreds of living standard trajectories you might experience given your investing strategies and spending behavior. Adjust your investment strategies and spending behavior to generate different sets of trajectories until you achieve the right balance of risk and reward.
  • Use our pre-set common investment strategies, such as shifting from stock-heavy to bond-heavy as you age, to quickly assess risk and reward.
  • Use our pre-set common assets with decades-long return histories to define alternative investment strategies. You can also define your own assets.

Learn more: MaxiFi Premium's Monte Carlo Analysis

Learn more: MaxiFi Planner's features

MaxiFi Planner is an essential tool. It’s easy to use and we have excellent customer support.

Take control of your financial future starting today!


Feature Comparison

Standard Premium PRO
Comprehensive Lifetime Financial Plan Yes Yes Yes
Annual Spending Suggestions Yes Yes Yes
Annual Savings Suggestions Yes Yes Yes
Life Insurance Coverage Suggestions Yes Yes Yes
Covers All Social Security Benefits Yes Yes Yes
Incorporates All Social Security Rules and Provisions Yes Yes Yes
Up to Date with Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Changes Yes Yes Yes
Up to Date with SECURE Act of 2020 Yes Yes Yes
Handles Roth and Non-Roth Accounts + Roth Conversions Yes Yes Yes
Handles Non-Retirement Assets Yes Yes Yes
Incorporates Federal, State, and FICA Taxes Yes Yes Yes
Considers Medicare Part B Yes Yes Yes
Handles Pensions Yes Yes Yes
Handles 529 Education Savings Plans Yes Yes Yes
Handles Vacation Homes and Real Estate Yes Yes Yes
Maximized Social Security Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Maximized Retirement Account Withdrawal Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Optimizes Retirement Account Withdrawal Start Dates Yes Yes Yes
Annual Spending and Saving Progress Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Reports Yes Yes Yes
PDF and Excel Export Yes Yes Yes
Responsive Customer Support Yes Yes Yes
Contingency Planning and Survivor Reports Yes Yes
Monte Carlo Living Standard Risk Analysis Yes Yes
Define Custom Assets and Investment Strategies Yes Yes
Handles Multiple Clients Yes
Customized Report Cover Page Yes

Getting Started is Easy

  • It’s all online—No software to download or install
  • Runs on Mac, Windows, Linux—all computers, tablets, and smart phones
  • Minimal, user-friendly data entry
  • Helpful, responsive customer support
  • Safe and secure