Your smarter financial future begins
with a one-year subscription to MaxiFi® software
MaxiFi Planner®
for households
Per Year
$79 renewal*
Comprehensive financial planning
Run unlimited reports
Works on all devices & browsers
MaxiFi Planner® PRO
for advisors
Per Year
$329 renewal*
All features of MaxiFi Planner plus...
Handles multiple clients
Customized report cover page
Gift Certificate
Household Version
One-year license
Per Certificate
Purchase a MaxiFi Planner Gift Certificate for a friend or family member. We will send you a gift coupon to give the recipient.
Expert Review

Per Session

Requires active Household or PRO subscription
For existing users of MaxiFi
1 hour phone consultation
Confirm data inputs
Review and interpret results
*Price, subject to change, for renewing your license for one year. We will send you a reminder email prior to the expiration of your license. We do not auto-renew.

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Feature Comparison

MaxiFi Planner MaxiFi Planner PRO
Comprehensive Lifetime Financial Plan Yes Yes
Annual Spending Suggestions Yes Yes
Annual Savings Suggestions Yes Yes
Life Insurance Coverage Suggestions Yes Yes
Covers All Social Security Benefits Yes Yes
Incorporates All Social Security Rules and Provisions Yes Yes
Handles Roth and Non-Roth Accounts Yes Yes
Handles Non-Retirement Assets Yes Yes
Incorporates Federal, State, and FICA Taxes Yes Yes
Up to Date with Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Changes Yes Yes
Considers Medicare Part B Yes Yes
Handles Pensions Yes Yes
Handles Vacation Homes and Real Estate Yes Yes
Maximized Social Security Strategy Yes Yes
Optimizes Retirement Account Withdrawal Start Dates Yes Yes
Annual Spending and Saving Progress Tracking Yes Yes
Unlimited Reports Yes Yes
PDF and Excel Export Yes Yes
Responsive Customer Support Yes Yes
Handles Multiple Clients Yes
Customized Report Cover Page Yes

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