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MaxiFi Planner®
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Comprehensive planning
Run unlimited reports
Works on desktops, laptops, and tablets
MaxiFi Planner®
for households
Per Year
$109 renewal
All Standard features plus . . .
Living Standard Monte Carlo®
Contingency planning
MaxiFi Planner®
for advisors
Per Year
$459 renewal
Comprehensive planning
Run unlimited reports
Works on all devices & browsers
Living Standard Monte Carlo®
Compares safe/risky strategies
All Premium features plus . . .
Handles multiple clients
Customized report cover page

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The MaxiFi Planner PRO license permits that up to 100 clients may
be stored at any one time. Learn more.

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Review and interpret results
Co-Pilot Service
Launch MaxiFi with help from a financial professional

Per Session

Jay Abolofia, PhD, CFP® guides you through the construction, interpretation and optimization of your MaxiFi financial plan.
Two-hour video consultation.

Additional Options

No subscription required
Consult With Larry
Ask Larry about your and our economy

Per Hour

Spend an hour talking with Larry about
your plan
helping kids / parents
the stock market / inflation / economy
anything else where he can help
Medicare Coach
Your partner for all things Medicare

Per Session

Philip Moeller, Author of Get What’s Yours for Medicare, will educate you on all things Medicare and why making the right Medicare decisions is critically important to your health and finances.
1-Hour video consultation.
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Standard Premium PRO
Comprehensive Lifetime Financial Plan Yes Yes Yes
Annual Spending Suggestions Yes Yes Yes
Annual Savings Suggestions Yes Yes Yes
Life Insurance Coverage Suggestions Yes Yes Yes
Covers All Social Security Benefits Yes Yes Yes
Incorporates All Social Security Rules and Provisions Yes Yes Yes
Up to Date with Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Changes Yes Yes Yes
Up to Date with SECURE Act of 2020 Yes Yes Yes
Handles Roth and Non-Roth Accounts + Roth Conversions Yes Yes Yes
Handles Non-Retirement Assets Yes Yes Yes
Incorporates Federal, State, and FICA Taxes Yes Yes Yes
Considers Medicare Part B Yes Yes Yes
Handles Pensions Yes Yes Yes
Handles 529 Education Savings Plans Yes Yes Yes
Handles Vacation Homes and Real Estate Yes Yes Yes
Maximized Social Security Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Maximized Retirement Account Withdrawal Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Optimizes Retirement Account Withdrawal Start Dates Yes Yes Yes
Create Annual Budget and Track Spending Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Reports Yes Yes Yes
PDF and Excel Export Yes Yes Yes
Responsive Customer Support Yes Yes Yes
Contingency Planning and Survivor Reports Yes Yes
Living Standard Monte Carlo® Tools Yes Yes
Define Custom Assets and Investment Strategies Yes Yes
Handles Multiple Clients Yes
Customized Report Cover Page Yes