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MaxiFi Planner costs $99 and will find safe ways to raise your lifetime spending power by tens of thousands of dollars. I write to you a lot about navigating the stock market. But MaxiFi Planner can make you money with no risk whatsoever. For $99, it can produce a huge return for sure!

John Mauldin

Thoughts from the Frontline

Most investors understand the importance of saving with a Roth IRA account or an employer sponsored 401K account for retirement. However, most people are much less prepared to answer questions like when they should start drawing social security or how to figure out which type of retirement account to withdrawal from first, when to do start, and at what rate to withdrawal. MaxiFi Planner answers those questions, as well as many other questions you haven’t even thought of yet. The software is easy to use and provides amazingly detailed financial recommendations which are supported by advanced Monte Carlo analysis. MaxiFi Planner is an outstanding resource for regular investors as well as for professional investors with a large financial planning practice.

Lou Haverty

Chartered Financial Analyst, Financial Analyst Insider

. . . the real distinction for financial advisors is not MaxiFi’s cost-effective price point, but its potential to frame the entire financial planning conversation differently – around the long-term impact of a client’s decisions on their long-term sustainable standard of living, instead of “just” their assets.

Michael Kitces

Nerds Eye View

I’ve used ESPlanner since its earliest days and recently tried MaxiFi. The user experience is dramatically improved. Despite the fact that I probably spend as much time planning my own retirement as anyone, MaxiFi recommended that I slightly tweak my Social Security claiming strategy and make a change to withdrawal order that resulted in an increase in lifetime consumption. I believe there may even be a better withdrawal strategy and MaxiFi will help me test that theory. I’m a fan!

Dirk Cotton Author

The Retirement Cafe blog

I’ve been using ESPlanner and, more recently, MaxiFi for nine years now, during which time my wife and I finished our careers. The models I developed with these products allowed us to retire earlier and with less anxiety than we otherwise could have. There are few software products I’ve ever purchased that have had as much effect on our lives. I feel fortunate that this product even exists, because its approach of optimizing for a smooth consumption glide-path over our remaining lives seems exactly right. Highly recommended.

Robert H., San Francisco Bay Area

Retired, San Francisco Bay Area

I have been using MaxiFi for a number of years now, as I approach retirement. It has given me confidence and insights about how to set myself up for a secure retirement. it is easy to use and very reasonably priced. It is also regularly updated to keep up with tax law changes and even with changes in economic outlook. It's "year at a glance" projections and other reports are invaluable for understanding likely future tax liabilities, Like most people planning retirement I use a number of different tools, but MaxiFi is the single most valuable one in my toolbox. Heartily recommended. My "desert island" retirement planning tool.

Kevin Esler

Software Engineer, Bedford, MA

MaxiFi is obviously very thorough and considers many variables simultaneously. Given how complex things have become (taxes, investments, etc.), having a tool like this is indispensable.

Michelle Prengle

CPA, temporarily residing in Japan

Thank you for the new Maxifi features and updates. We love the Maxifi system and think one of the best elements was our one hour consultation meeting with Dan Royer. Dan was extremely helpful, teaching us how to use the system and intrepret the various reports. Dan is very knowledgeable and extremely patient in explaining the various capabilities of the Maxifi system. Offering the one hour phone consultation was a truly valuable service to my wife and I, and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses Maxifi. After our call with Dan, my wife and I felt much better about our retirement planning and we made important adjustments to our plan based on our consultation that I would not have considered if I had simply used the Maxifi system without Dan’s consultation. We plan to request consultation again next year to ensure we are on track. Thank you again.

Dave Simonson

Manager, Reston, Virginia

Many have asked how we were able to decide on our life-changing decision to leave our jobs and relocate to a less expensive state, given so many variables. For the past five years, I read financial books, interviewed CFPs/FAs/RAs/brokers, and used the free planning platforms on investment account sites. I found all of that illuminating - and frustrating! Consumer financial planning platforms and advisors ask you to provide a budget, estimate Social Security, etc., and then their software rates your probability of success. I believe these platforms favor asset management companies and advisors because both benefit from your investments, so they're invested in people retaining principal and living off interest. If you're very fortunate, you'll leave a "legacy". I felt this wasn't the whole picture, at least for us. In Jane Bryant Quinn's "How to Make Your Money Last," I found reference to BU Economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff. He created the MaximizeMySocialSecurity site and the more comprehensive planning platform: Maxifi Planner. This is the only financial planning platform that is based in economics. After you input your unique data, including fixed expenses, it tells you what your budget for discretionary expenses will be based on your lifetime income from all sources, including Social Security. After you create a Base Plan, then you can generate alternative Plans. For example, if you want to leave a legacy, then you can model that outcome. If you want to have more discretionary income in the future, then you can plan ahead for lower expenses, more savings, higher income, and/or taking SS at the latest date. The Maxifi platform calculates taxes and can suggest insurance options. If you live in a state with high taxes, you could consider moving to a state with lower taxes. For couples, there's Survivor modeling. If you want to run Monte Carlo simulations, that's an option. I've also paid for consultation with their expert staff. They do not give investment advice - the consultation is a deep dive into your Base Plan so you can feel confident about your inputs and their system. That's how we decided we were ready to change our lives. There is a professional advisor version of their platform, and their site does offer a list of companies using it. Even if you love your existing advisor or investment site planner, you might still benefit from comparing their plan with a Base Plan of your own making.

Eithne Johnson, Ph.D.

Real Estate Broker, New Mexico

Economic Security Planning and ESPlanner topped all the reviews of financial planning software when I was looking several years ago. I recently converted to the MaxiFi application. MaxiFi is a powerful, comprehensive tool and it is very easy to use. The team at Economic Security Planning is extremely responsive. The webinars and emails featuring tips and insight from Larry and other industry experts are a real bonus to my subscription.

Terry Meter


I first became aware of Dr. Kotlikoff’s software a couple of years ago as I approached retirement. This coincided with the time the Social Security Administration was making changes to their claiming rules. I was concerned that I make the right claiming decision. I purchased the software and ran several scenarios in order to decide how to maximize my benefits. Doing so helped me increase my lifetime benefits by many tens of thousands of dollars.

I then looked at Dr. Kotlikoff’s Maxifiplanner software and was impressed with the approach that he, as an economist, had taken. As far as I know it is unique among financial planning software in that its goal is to enable you to maximize your long term or lifetime spendable income. Once you load your personal information and your assumptions, you can compare your base case with an optimum case to display how much more spendable income you will have each year by optimizing. Depending on your personal situation, the increase over your lifetime can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The software is easy to use and very flexible. Dr Kotlikoff and his staff are committed to their approach. They continue to add features to improve the software on a continuing basis and then makes the updates available to subscribers.

What I have described is the very basics of what the software will do.

The Premium Household subscription is only $139 per year and has the added benefit of Monte Carlo Risk Analysis included so you can run tests to see the range of outcomes your investments might have going forward.

I believe this is the best investment I have ever made and I encourage you to subscribe. You will not be disappointed.

Michael L Martin

Retired in Illinois

MaxiFi offers a user-friendly, robust algorithm, which I recommend to anyone doing retirement planning. Dan Royer is a rock star whose Expert Review was exceedingly accretive to all of my scenario analyses.

Michael G. Ricciardi |

CEO and Managing Partner, Mercury Capital Advisors, New York, NY

I have been using your products for several years and the webinars you are having to help people understand how to better use them are a great idea. I have not gotten to utilize more than probably 20% of its capabilities. Now I’m using it more. It is providing me with a sense of confidence when I’m capable of putting in different possibilities and able to see what the numbers could be, should I do this or that.


Patrice Boutier

Consultant, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Maxifi can be faulted for defaulting to overly conservative assumptions for you to change as needed, but it cannot be faulted for attempting to prepare you for the level of discretionary spending you will have--come what may. In the end, it is up to you to decide if the scenarios you create in Maxifi are courses of action worth taking by comparing a base case of the status quo with doing something different in an alternative scenario. Whether the change in your annual and lifetime discretionary spending is worth it or not is entirely up to the user, but at least you can validate your decisions with something more objective than a gut feeling. If we are honest with ourselves, we are looking for some reassurance and validation of our decisions. Maxifi is a great tool to quantify changes in our finances and make a more informed decision about what, if anything, to do next.


Business Loan Officer, Ohio

I wanted to give you a special Thank You for this most current webinar. I was unable to attend in person but have just listened to it. While I have found all of the webinars since the May-ish time frame interesting and helpful to running the software, this was far and away the one most on-point to what I lose sleep over. It appears via MaxiFi (and New Retirement and a couple others, for that matter) that I am in pretty good shape, barring major catastrophe. This will allow me to focus on using MaxiFi in my key question areas: 1) Timing of SS (my FRA is next August so I have pretty finite numbers) claim, 2) Using 401k $ to pay off mortgage, 3) Exploring the IRA to Roth IRA over the next 5-6 years until 72, 4) Interplay of the 3 (although I suspect my resources are not sufficient to do all 3). Today's webinar has addressed 2 and 3 individually and of course the application excels out item 1 (which was not as great a difference as I expected, perhaps because my pension is not sufficient to cover my expenses). So this was GREAT! I will probably not sit down with the software and really work it in detail until winter sets in, but I am looking forward to laying out the alternative scenarios and running them (I've already made too much money this year with my salary, severance and pension (how often do people tell you they have made too much money!! :) ), so I consider these alternatives 2021 and on items). Again - thanks so much! Please keep doing the webinars!

Steve Feller

Retiree, Seattle

I am a self-employed Business and Accounting Technology Consultant for the construction industry. I am also an Excel Guru and decided using your software saved way more time than I could do on my own. It is also much more accurate. I tell many people about your software. It’s fantastic! I believe I will be using it until I die!

Annie Kendrick

Consultant, Albany, Oregon

I have been using your products to plan my retirement for several years now. I am 3 years from retirement. Don’t know what I would do without Maxifi. I have consulted with Dan a couple of times. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and generous with his time. I have recommended your services to several friends and relatives.

Jim Whedon

Jim Whedon,

I'm a psychologist with about 5 or so years to retirement. I've been using Maxifi for about 6 months now. I use it for both social security and financial planning. I'm exceedingly happy with the program! The program has a vast number of features and calculations - too many to describe here, really! At first, I was a bit reluctant to purchase, because of my poor experiences with other 'retirement' planning programs and even financial planning services. One key difference is that Maxifi takes into account all of the various types of accounts (i.e., real estate, social security, investment accounts and 401k's) and calculates how different lifestyle choices might affect the results. For example, I wondered how continuing to work (either full time or part time) will affect both social security and retirement account withdrawals. You can enter any number of alternative scenarios and Maxifi will calculate the results. In my opinion, this program is better than anything out there. I think it even replaces the need for financial planners, because no financial planner will have expertise in all the areas covered by Maxifi. However, if you are committed to working with a financial planner, Maxifi will produce a report to provide to her so that she can review your plans - which will save you more than the cost of the program.

Yes, I know this is a glowing review - I have no financial relationship with Laurence Kotlikoff, Economic Security Planning, or Maxify. I am simply a satisfied user.

Bruce Borkosky

Psychologist, Sebring, Florida

My wife and I have utilized MaxiFi Planner for several years to ensure that we can sustain our lifestyle in retirement while also paying necessary expenses. MaxiFi Planner is by far the best financial and investment planning software that I have ever worked with. It is also the easiest to use. Reports are generated in a snap encouraging entry of multiple scenarios and assessing their results. MaxiFi Planner is thorough and meticulous in its calculations taking the pain out of data entry and providing assurance that future income and expense projections at a point in time are correct. The model automatically calculates annual social security payments based upon earnings history, medicare premiums based upon future earnings, income taxes based upon state of residence and a host of other variables. Unique to MaxiFi Planner is its distinction between discretionary and fixed spending. No other planning tool that I have encountered makes this distinction but I think that MaxiFI is correct that individuals and families focus on what is left over after fixed expenditures are paid and strive to maximize and smooth discretionary expenditures over their lifetimes. One of my favorite reports from the model is Year at a Glance. This displays, for each year, the individual sources of income, the breakdown of Fixed Expenditures and what remains for Discretionary Spending. This helps allay any concerns with how MaxiFi Planner is generating the income to support our lifestyle. I am also beginning to use the Monte Carlo Risk Analysis tool and am impressed with how integrated it is with the Base and Maximized Plans. I am very intrigued with The Index of Expected Lifetime Utility as a simple gauge for evaluating alternative investment strategies and risk profiles. Every year before finalizing our financial plan, we engage Dan Royer from MaxiFi Planner to review our model inputs and results. He is not only an expert on the inner workings of the model making many helpful suggestions but is a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly endorse MaxiPlanner as a financial planning tool!

David Cohen

Retired, New York, NY

Just want to say many thanks for the recent improvements. I have been looking at with various magnitudes of partial Roth conversions to find the “sweet spot” for us … between IRS 22% and 24% and a couple of IRRMA thresholds in between. The improved Roth conversion inputs in the IRA settings along with the separation of Roth and traditional IRA balances in the reports makes it much easier.

Charles Hochstedler

Retired, former engineer and then financial advisor, Lehigh Valley, PA

MaxiFi is a well thought out personal finance tool that allows you to enter your housing costs and assets and it tells you what you can spend on everything else (discretionary spending). There are also many customizable features for other "special" receipts or expenses including other real estate investments. Couple this with a behind the scene first class technical support team and "Ask Larry" online questions and you have a top notch tool to assist planning for personal finances. Thanks so much for developing this tool for me to find and use. I started with your kindle edition "Maximize My Social Security" book about 6 years ago (read it 5 times immediately to be sure it sunk in) when I was a few years out from retirement and then used your software tool for it and then moved to this tool once I discovered it. I've been using it for a few years now and find it extremely helpful in my planning as I approached and am now in retirement.

Malcolm Hebert


I think the Maxifi program is great because it allows you to see "What if" scenarios vs the Maxifi guys' scenarios. The software is very smart. It helps you plan and get visuals and graphs and tables of what the financial future actually looks like depending on the decisions you make.


M.V. Phoenix, AZ

I am nearing retirement from Boston University and have been using the MaxiFi Planner for about a year. I am no technical whiz by a long shot, but I find this program easy to use and actually a lot of fun to do. One can look at a number of different scenarios, and learn how to maximize resources and compare a wide variety of options. I believe my husband and I will enjoy a much better retirement without worry because of this program. If we should both live long lives, I can easily see that we will gain tens of thousands of dollars in income over the course of our retirement by applying just one or two maximization principles. And even in the short term, we should be able to spend more in early retirement than I had thought possible and still remain secure in our old age. Thank you so much for designing this excellent program!

Ruth Mason

Director, Engineering Divisions Boston University

Congrats to Economic Security Planning on launching I'm loving it. You folks are true pioneers, and I applaud all that you do.

Drew Boyd

Executive Director, Associate Professor of Marketing and Innovation Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Maxifi is great! I also appreciate their ethics in not making customers do auto pay. Maxifi helped us make the right decision.

Mar, Retired Teacher


Very easy to follow and to find what I want. I like the ease of access to the information on the fly.

Nancy S.

Actress and retired from Human Services, Oceanside, CA

In a word - Great! The combination of an extraordinary Economist with an accomplished Financial Planner produced the best webinar with the most useful info I’ve enjoyed in my 40 years of listening to others; I’ve been a user of Maxifi for about a year now. I learned capabilities I did not know were there.


Webinar participant

Great help. Thanks! I really like your software. I have an Excel model I've developed over the last few years but this is SO much easier.

Charles C.

Real Estate Development, Franklin, TN

I have run four scenarios since I purchased MaxiFi one week ago and the program is very impressive. It is pretty easy to use, allows a lot of tailoring of inputs, gives good help tips and has calculating power above and beyond what I will ever put together.

Michael B.

Retiree, Silver Spring, MD

Great product . . . just a week in and have entered all my base info. Was impressed that it handled the Government WEP and matched the SS website calculation, which my other financial planner couldn't do. Nice upgrade from my previous version of your software, which I lobbied Larry to update a few years ago. Also gave clearer instructions for my wife (also WEP) to just wait to file rather than file/suspend for maybe a few bucks. Simplicity is often overlooked, and under-weighted, in advice.

Ken Schipp

Alexandria, VA

Thank you so much for your fantastic support and prompt replies. I think your product is phenomenal and has given me peace of mind in my look into the future for my retirement. I have already recommended it to several others.

Michael S., MD

Physician, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve found Maxifi to be the best tool available for retirement income planning. Over the past couple of years I have been using it to determine the amount of Roth conversions to make to maximize the lifetime discretionary spending available to me. I particularly like that Maxfi allows me to adjust income tax rates, Social Security benefits, and Medicare premiums to see how future policy changes would impact my plan and the amount of smooth annual discretionary spending that will be available to me. Most recently, I used Maxifi to develop a strategy for buying an annuity in combination with refinancing my mortgage in a way that will create a higher stream of smooth annual discretionary spending available to me across a wide range of future inflation rates (lower or higher). The support team is always quick to respond and guide me on how to create just about any scenario I can imagine. And, they are continually expanding the features and capabilities of the software.

Mike Wrenn

Retired Energy Business M&A and Project Finance Executive

I needed to quickly find and use some cash-based financial planning software to make a major financial decision. After checking around, I settled on trying ESPlanner or MaxiFi. I tried MaxiFi. Great software tool and great support, even on the weekends. Now I see why you have the great testimonials on your website.

E. Bauman

Research Manager, Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you so much for creating a truly useful calculator tool, MaxiFi, which is invaluable. I wish I had an access to this decades ago. Now that I learned to use MaxiFi, my previous decision- making process seems to belong to the pre-smart phone era, or frankly stone age, which I refuse to go back to.
MaxiFi is a unique tool, which will calculate retirement cash flow, whether you are in the twenties, seventies, or somewhere in between. One of the most important question to me is: What is a safe amount of money I can withdraw from my (including future) portfolio with little risk of running out of money?
MaxiFi will give you this number without much effort. I currently have a team of financial advisors, because of my institution's retirement accounts. They have a ... grossly different calculator. Their system starts like this: What would you like to spend annually during your retirement years, including needs and wants? From there they will calculate the probability of achieving the goal. The readout is percent success rate. This is completely backward. It is almost a fraud. Your needs and wants at retirement (may not be affordable and, therefore,) have no business within the calculation.

Shinichiro Kurosawa, MD, PhD,

Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston University

I have used MAXIFI and predecessor (ESPlanner) to work “what-if” decision scenarios since 2006. In 2019 I migrated to the web-based, much more user friendly and visually appealing MAXIFI tool. The tool provides insight on how big personal decisions can impact your financial future, specifically your all-important “discretionary spending” throughout retirement. The ability to create and compare a base profile to “alternate profiles” quickly and easily gives you real power and is very helpful for those who need data to help make decisions. As an example, I recently used the software to do a “what-if” comparison on 20 vs 30-year home refinance options using my specific timetable and cash constraints. Also, I recently used MAXIFI to review the potential of maintaining two homes for a significant period of time in options on move across the country. Further, I engaged Dan Royer of MAXIFI in a consultation session regarding how I was using the tool for this recent move “what-if” option and his input was extremely valuable and well worth the cost. What-if scenarios are easy to set-up and run for all kinds of important factors, including: 1) expected changes in rate of returns, 2) states where you’ll live, 3) when you start withdrawing retirement funds, 4) when you start withdrawing social security, 5) converting to roth IRAs, 6) lowering living standards in years you choose, and many other options. This software is really powerful in allowing you to make data driven decisions regarding the “spend-to-the-end” plan of retirement.

H. R. Landry

“What-If” Data Enthusiast, Center of Excellence for Lake Surveillance, TN

​I came across your financial planning software after years of frustration working with financial planners. Those programs are worse than useless. But your software is amazing! It’s easy to use and so rational/clear in how it is designed – obviously designed by an economist! I love that the program tells you what you can spend. So simple. I feel like we finally have our arms around retirement planning.

Emily Gilde

Chief Actuary, Ethos

I find MaxiFi Planner to be extremely helpful. It enables me to input a great level of detail regarding our current situation, and is then easy to use in generating very valuable and insightful future scenarios. And you keep it current with respect new laws, and providing upgraded features. Keep up the great work!

Bob M., PhD

Retired Mathematician, New Orleans, LA

I love MaxiFi! Having the ability to run limitless scenarios minimizes the guesswork of long-term planning.

Harvey Johnson

Senior Manager Cyber Engineering, Woodbridge,Virginia

I'd been doing our planning for years, occasionally using ESPlanner Basic (the free version) for a reality check, and was well satisfied. When my wife and I inherited from our parents, the stakes went up and I had a crisis of confidence. I searched for financial planners who might be a good fit and interviewed several. When I asked how they developed and optimized clients' plans, the answer was always "software". I looked around for access to professional financial planning software and found Maxifi, the next generation of ESPlanner. Maxifi's yearly fee is less than one hour of a CFP's time. There's no limit to how much what-if I can do, which is especially important given that the future financial environment might not be a continuation of the past. With easily adjusted worst-case, best-case and in-between scenarios, I feel like I've got the best possible tool for choosing an optimal strategy and making informed decisions.

Joel Schuman

Retired software developer Saugerties, NY

Thank you. I really appreciate the value of this model - thank you for your hard work and investment to create and make it available for such a reasonable price - much appreciated! Medicare should offer to buy it and make it more widely available, in my not always humble opinion

Bruce Pearson

Retired, Arizona

MaxiFI Planner is an awesome tool. I searched for many months on a retirement financial planning tool and chose MaxiFi . . . very pleased. And customer support is superb :)

Craig Passman

Pensacola FL

GREAT Product!! I track my finances in Quicken and have been using their Lifetime Planner. The MaxiFi planner technique with smoothing out income to provide the greatest payouts and maximum savings for spending is a real blessing and provides better practical information to follow during retirement than what Quicken provides. MaxiFi also considers Social Security where Quicken does not.

Phil Dommer

Retired IT Professional Developer/Analyst

I have found the software easy to use and have created eight or nine scenarios. It has been well worth the money in our retirement planning. I will recommend it to our children as a way to get started planning more effectively.

David S.

Pastor, Columbia, MD

Maxifi Planner is great. The genius is in its simplicity.

Thomas Wheeler M.D.

Cardiologist Fredericksburg, Va

I recently had the opportunity to use Financial Engines--I think MaxiFi is a vastly better product.

Fredric G.


I have no affiliation with anyone at this company. I am currently 54. retired and have no concern about running out of money thanks to this tool. I find MaxiFi Planner to be very user-friendly and very very valuable. The detail in which you can enter and the information you can then extract covering Social Security benefits, taxes, Medicare premiums plus precise spending, saving, and life insurance guidance is awesome. It allows you to do endless what if scenarios. It's particularly helped me with housing decisions.

Ever since I was 30 I focused on how much money I needed for retirement. Maxifi lets you understand the impact of your decisions and how that will affect your future annual income from your retirement funds. The only other way I know to do this is through a very complicated Excel spreadsheet. I also built an Excel spreadsheet to confirm some of MaxiFi's analysis. Wherever there was a deviation I did an Expert Review with the company to understand where I was off. Retirement is very important and taking the time to analyze what you need from a financial perspective is critical. The other aspect of this tool is you can put in your own portfolio of stocks and other financial instruments and create a Monte Carlo simulation of your living standard. Again I even back-tested this scenario out through other software and felt very confident in the answers the software was giving me.

John Rizzo

Retired, NarRagansett, RI

Plan for a Lifetime with MaxiFi Planner