July 16, 2017


  • Added ability to constrain Maximization Plan to only plans that meet or exceed Base Plan in all years.
  • Do not display Social Security Spousal Benefit and Widow(er) Benefit dates in what-if panel for partnered cases, they are not necessary.
  • Add Year-at-a-Glance Report to provide summary of all activity for a year.
  • Allow user to indicate age at which they will no longer purchase life insurance.


  • Purchase price value for change of home missing. This is fixed.
  • When spouse indicates a monthly Social Security disability benefit, annual amount was subtracted from regular assets. This is fixed.
  • Unrealized Cap Gains changes were not impacting report. The data is now being reported correctly.
  • Incorrect assets were being shown in some cases after spouse death. This is now working correctly.
  • Progress in maximized report could sometimes exceed 100% and fluctuate at end of reporting period. The percentage progress is now functioning properly.