June 9, 2019


MaxiFi Premium and PRO versions now include Contingency Planning, allowing you to plan for changes that should occur in your family's financial plan upon death of a spouse (or partner). For example, reduce or eliminate an expense or receipt, or perhaps retire at a later or earlier date.

Contingency settings are available for retirement date, future earnings, retirement account contributions, special expenses and special receipts. We will be making contingency settings for primary and vacation home available soon.

For more details about this change, see the User Manual.


  • Increase upper limit on pass-thru deductions
  • Allow users to project earnings growth more than 5%
  • Provide more prominent help for explaining Social Security restricted applications
  • Clarify that the behavior for "grow" an expense/receipt, etc., refers to multi-year items, not rollover behavior
  • Add video explanation of lifetime utility maximization index
  • Improve guidance around non-covered pensions
  • Add FAQ about how MaxiFi derives adult equivalence for adults and children
  • Improve visibility of dismissed items in MaxiFi adult/household overview screens


  • Duration of Special Expenses could not be set to end at last year of life. This is now fixed.
  • Real Estate could have "hidden" current mortgage data even if not yet owned. This is now fixed and any existing invalid data removed.
  • Points entered in future housing changes were displaying improperly.
  • Points entered in future real estate purchases were not converted from percent decimal to percent.