November 4, 2017


Alternative Profiles allows you to create multiple "what-if" scenarios to refine your plan.

Considering a change in jobs, moving to a different state, or early retirement? Want to see how different inflation or return rates impact your finances? It's easy to see the impact over your lifetime.

Just run different scenarios and compare results side-by-side with your Base Plan.

Alternative Profiles lets you:

  • Build from your Base Plan––change only the data you choose
  • Run a side-by-side comparison report––see how discretionary spending changes
  • View side-by-side comparisons for dozens of other elements in your plan
  • Download detailed PDFs or Excel spreadsheets of the Base and Alternative Profile Plans
  • Save up to 6 Alternative Profiles

Look for the "Add What-If Profile" button on your family overview screen.


  • Implement logic for flagging or automatically updating date-sensitive data after change in year.
  • Allow entry of negative Real Appreciation Rate for housing.
  • Add future rate of return setting for Regular assets.
  • Add retirement account future rate of return settings.
  • Add Future Tax Change settings to MaxiFi.
  • Add setting for future change to rate of Inflation.
  • Show explanatory note in profile Inputs section of MaxiFi PDF if there are no inputs.


  • Child and Mother/Father Benefits were showing up when max age is the same even if no benefits. This is corrected.
  • Annual Income and Spending Table was missing from PDF. This has been added.
  • Error when clicking 'Client List' menu from Help or Account. This now works properly.
  • Employer contributions should not be displayed in the Year-at-a-Glance report, only Employee contributions. This is implemented.
  • Cancelling during the add process for ex or deceased spouse takes you to wrong overview screen. This now goes correctly to family overview.