Retirement Planning with MaxiFi

Maximize Your Retirement with MaxiFi Planner

MaxiFi Planner is a powerful new personal financial planning tool.

It’s the only software powerful and accurate enough to calculate your highest sustainable living standard — starting today — with a plan to maintain and raise that amount — for life.

It shows you annual and lifetime projections of income and spending so you can see how you can make your money last through retirement.

MaxiFi’s optimization engine runs thousands of scenarios to find safe ways to raise your standard of living by:

  • Finds the best Social Security filing strategy to get the highest benefits for you and your spouse
  • Calculates tax efficient retirement account withdrawal start dates
  • Shows tax efficient Roth versus non-Roth withdrawals
  • Examines the benefit of additional retirement account contributions
  • Shows the effects of annuitizing all or part of your retirement accounts

These financial lifestyle changes can mean tens to hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in lifetime spending.

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  • Comprehensive Lifetime Financial Plan
  • Annual Spending Suggestions
  • Annual Savings Suggestions
  • Life Insurance Coverage Suggestions
  • Covers All Social Security Benefits
  • Incorporates All Social Security Rules and Provisions
  • Handles Roth and Non-Roth Accounts
  • Handles Non-Retirement Assets
  • Incorporates Federal, State, and FICA Taxes
  • Considers Medicare Part B
  • Handles Pensions
  • Maximized Social Security Strategy
  • Maximized Retirement Account Withdrawal Strategy
  • Unlimited Reports
  • PDF and Excel Export
  • Responsive Customer Support

Getting Started is Easy

  • It’s all online—No software to download or install
  • Runs on computers, tablets, and smart phones
  • Minimal, user-friendly data entry
  • Helpful, responsive customer support
  • Safe and secure