September 15, 2019


  • Survivor Reports - Run a report to see the impact of one spouse/partner dying unexpectedly.
  • Reserve Funds - You can now set money aside so it isn't included in your spending plan.


  • Added Dimensional Fund Assets so you can create investment strategies using historical returns information from these funds.
  • Earnings, retirement account withdrawals, special expenses and receipts can now be set to continue until death date
  • Added a setting for future change to Medicare Part B premium growth rate
  • Improved guidance for correcting Social Security benefit information that is out of date when using benefit information in place of full earnings record
  • Added reports under Net Worth section detailing household and individual Estate
  • Allow Economies of Shared Living setting down to 1.4
  • Added income from existing annuities to Progress Tracker
  • Special expenses/receipts in PDF now appear in the same order as they do online
  • Added warning about automatic enrollment in Medicare Part A and impact on tax deductibility of HSA contributions when applying for Social Security
  • Added growth % and today's/nominal information to the summary view when showing monetary activity
  • Added table/chart toggle to Risk Analysis overview charts
  • Added Retirement Assets to the metrics you can choose from in the Compare tab of report
  • Increased number of assets that can be assigned to investment strategy
  • Allow roth first/last optimization even if a specific adult in family doesn't have both types of accounts


  • If entering data in a specific order you could bypass warnings and add a non-covered pension when using Social Security benefit information in place of earnings history. This can cause inaccurate calculations and is no longer allowed.
  • Going to Help Center from within initial family setup and then clicking Back would return to the very beginning of setup. Now it resumes setup where you left off.
  • Survivor percentage fields for pensions were not appearing in PDF, they now are.
  • Social Security benefits were not showing father/mother benefits for widowed situation. This is now fixed.
  • Emerging Markets asset and others could cause errors in some situations during Monte Carlo runs. This has been fixed.
  • Earnings prior to 1951 were causing errors with contingent planning enabled. They are now handled correctly.