September 23, 2017


Estate Planning: You can now specify special bequest amounts and expected funeral expenses to aid in estate planning.


  • Collect date of divorce when necessary to ensure accurate Social Security maximization.
  • Improve Usability of Social Security Widow(er) benefit dates by only requiring entry for survivor.
  • Show clear warning in report if life insurance is limited by age.
  • Change Excel download method to avoid false threat detection by McAfee.
  • Show real rate of return on MaxiFi Lifetime Balance Sheet report.
  • Add section headers/footers to MaxiFi PDF report to indicate current plan.
  • Move Account subtabs to Account submenu.
  • Allow deceased spouse's year of death to be changed.
  • MaxiFi should say "last year of earnings" instead of "retirement age" on deceased spouse's detail screen.


  • Scrollbars in earnings grids do not display on iOS if there is overflow. This was fixed by removing scrolling and always showing full grids on narrow-width devices.
  • Errors when changing family name are not displayed to user. They are now.
  • Horizontal progress indicators do not collapse properly on small screen widths. This was fixed by removing labels on narrow-width devices.
  • Entry of long family names causes unexpected errors or inaction. Validation was fixed and messages display correct now.
  • Child Social Security benefits were not included in Year at a Glance report. They are now.
  • Numbers in progress indicators misaligned in IE 11. This is fixed.
  • Negative Consumption error message not displaying, instead cryptic "ENOENT". We now display a better error message.
  • "Value is not a decimal" error when setting Annuity Growth Rate to zero. We now allow zero.
  • Annuity Income not included in Income breakdown in Year at a Glance report. It is now.
  • Cannot add category to Progress Tracker if none already on overview screen. This is fixed.
  • "IEEE_INVALID is signaling" warning causing failure of Base Plan run. This is fixed
  • Annual Increase/Decrease in money activity widgets affects number from current year even if start is future. Growth is calculated correctly now, starting in start year.
  • Incorrect mortgage data causes segfault - shows 'Unknown error' to user. Data validation was improved and we display a friendly error message now.