September 3, 2023

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing display of navigation items for customers who imported data from Maximize My Social Security. The items should display properly now.
  • Restored the display of asterisks on Settings & Assumptions tabs when data is changed from default. This was previously working, but the asterisks were accidentally hidden. Also, the "bookmark" icons for items in alternative profiles that had been overridden were black. They've been restored to their previous green color. Yay!
  • Prevent switching from married to partnered if special expenses or receipts have contingency changes, rather than showing an error.
  • Improved overall styling as well as responsiveness of Lifetime Balance Sheet which had line breaks at narrower widths.
  • Clicking on the "Report" menu item from the family overview screen after selecting an alternative profile would load reports for the Base profile instead. This has been fixed.
  • Clicking "Cancel" after editing a current/future earnings amount would result in an error. This has been fixed.