February 4, 2018


MaxiFi Planner now incorporates changes brought about by the new tax law, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). See our feature highlight for more information on these important changes.


  • We now provide an alternative way of importing your Social Security earnings -- using the XML-formatted file available from your Social Security Administration account.
  • Allow sale of primary residence and vacation home.
  • TCJA: Ask whether mortgages are grandfathered into $1M deduction limit.
  • TCJA: Allow users to provide deduction amount for pass-thru income
  • TCJA: Allow comparisons of pre-TCJA, TCJA expiring as written, and permanent TCJA.
  • Add Condo Fees to list of real estate expenses
  • Add Back/Previous buttons to initial setup and results screens for improved navigation
  • Reduce user confusion during setup by scrolling to top of page when "save and add another" is clicked
  • Always show 'Reports' navigation item
  • Improved stability and reliability of our infrastructure for running plans and producing reports.


  • If you dismissed a category during setup as "Not Applicable" but then added an item to that category in an Alternate Profile, the item would be hidden from view if you merged the Alternate Profile to Base. This is now fixed.
  • A divide by 0 error could occur in certain rare situations, resulting in a cryptic error message. The error has been fixed.
  • After resetting all Settings and Assumptions, it would still appear as if they were overriding default settings. This has been fixed so the view refreshes and you can see that all settings have indeed been reset to default.
  • Future Tax Change settings were not working correctly but have been fixed. In addition, we now allow setting state tax increase or decrease of 100% to allow for modeling of doubling or elimination of state taxes.